He wasn’t afraid to die. He wanted it. He yearned for it. His body had long ago rotted away. He didn’t remember what it had looked like. He remembered the pain of the worms feasting on it, the feel of the crow’s beak that pecked out his eyes.

political jokes

I’m talking to you Mr. Politics!

Political jokes meet Political Text Memes Lil’ Bit Drunk Non-political Friend: I’m drinking a dogfish indian  Brown ale idk if I can stomach the news right now Sorta Buzzed Political Friend: 150,000 Chinese troops to North Korean border, Carl Vinson moving to the n Korean peninsula, Skirmishes in Syria with Russians…it sounds like a two from ww3…

The Unseen

Joseph’s hands lifted his wife’s shirt off of her and smiled. He couldn’t remember the last time they’d made love. He pulled her close for a kiss as their daughter walked in.

Nightmares on Wax

Hot Beats by Nightmares On Wax – Boiler Room Dj Set

A hot beats session in the boiler room with Nightmares On Wax Hot damn! 1h:25m:50secs of lab-inspired hot beats by Nightmares on Wax. Founded in 1988 by George Evelyn, aka DJ E.A.S.E. The video posted here is him performing a studio session. Watch as Nightmares on Wax jams out from the boiler room in a secret…

salsa dancing

White Women Looking for Black Men with Moves

   White Women Looking for Black Men that can Groove on the Dance Floor Is it true that white women looking for black men with moves is a phenomena sweeping the nation. Most girls between the ages of 18 – 65 are dumping their lame ass white guy for a salsa dancing type of relationship….

loves it

Hillary Clinton’s Recent Cough is Linked to Medical Marijuana Use

Medical Marijuana Could be Hillary’s Remedy of Choice An expert has weighed in giving an opinion on Hillary’s cough during the recent election stating that Hillary’s coughing is most likely due to over use of medical marijuana. He also states that if she chose a less harsh method of consuming her herbal remedies she probably would…

Banana peel

Wank Town Comics

Wank Town Comics Compiled in this post is a comic. Not just any comic but this one is straight from the armpit of the internet. Please enjoy. When the internet becomes an unsafe place to be. When the mystic smoke screens and mirrors unfold. When the meteor falls from the sky. This is Wank Town….

drone videos

Best Drone Videos on the Web

Lava Flow: Some of the best drone footage from all around the world. Film makers gain a brand new perspective for their audience with video drones. Similar to simple remote control versions. These small copters are not what the average hobbyist would call an “rc”. Drones offer more features than “rc aircraft” in the terms of…

Got Minutes

How many times a day is it appropriate to check phone?

Phone check to those who check phone The answer to how many times a day is it appropriate to check phone is…drum roll, please.  A million. This is America. Check phones as much as you want. This is actually encouraged. How else are we going to afford this mammoth economy?  Check phones now! Said the…

Pizza Pizza

How to: Describe a pizza

Describing Pizza. A Dainty How-to Allllrighty. First off. Words are awesome, they help us humans communicate. In a short amount of time, space and sound things can be described. When describing a pizza. Stuff some words in that crust… Pizza is round, smooth and illustrious. It is a harmony of herbs and spices. A beautiful…