He wasn’t afraid to die. He wanted it. He yearned for it. His body had long ago rotted away. He didn’t remember what it had looked like. He remembered the pain of the worms feasting on it, the feel of the crow’s beak that pecked out his eyes.

The Unseen

Joseph’s hands lifted his wife’s shirt off of her and smiled. He couldn’t remember the last time they’d made love. He pulled her close for a kiss as their daughter walked in.

salsa dancing

White Women Looking for Black Men with Moves

   White Women Looking for Black Men that can Groove on the Dance Floor Is it true that white women looking for black men with moves is a phenomena sweeping the nation. Most girls between the ages of 18 – 65 are dumping their lame ass white guy for a salsa dancing type of relationship….

loves it

Hillary Clinton’s Recent Cough is Linked to Medical Marijuana Use

Medical Marijuana Could be Hillary’s Remedy of Choice An expert has weighed in giving an opinion on Hillary’s cough during the recent election stating that Hillary’s coughing is most likely due to over use of medical marijuana. He also states that if she chose a less harsh method of consuming her herbal remedies she probably would…

Got Minutes

How many times a day is it appropriate to check phone?

Phone check to those who check phone The answer to how many times a day is it appropriate to check phone is…drum roll, please.  A million. This is America. Check phones as much as you want. This is actually encouraged. How else are we going to afford this mammoth economy?  Check phones now! Said the…

Pizza Pizza

How to: Describe a pizza

Describing Pizza. A Dainty How-to Allllrighty. First off. Words are awesome, they help us humans communicate. In a short amount of time, space and sound things can be described. When describing a pizza. Stuff some words in that crust… Pizza is round, smooth and illustrious. It is a harmony of herbs and spices. A beautiful…

Bullfighting art

Bullfighting and the Matador

“I’ve been accused of vulgarity. I say that’s bullshit.” ― Mel Brooks What is the world come to when we have to restrict human behavior. Have we not learned the lessons throughout history that controlling behavior has never really panned out. The worst parts of history, wars. Propaganda. Slavery. At one point in time this…

Ass Arm

Ass or titties

Nope. This is not an ass. It is an arm. This folks is not what you think. It is not something that you see everyday but what this is. Is the crease of a male arm. Perhaps you have seen one of these before. If not this will be an educational experience for some. The…

Wise Fortunes

50 Fortune Cookies to Remember

Wise Fortune Cookies Mystical fortunes that speak to the soul… Fortune cookies are often one of the most memorable experiences when dining at any fine Asian restaurant. Fortune cookies are nostalgic and sometimes quite a surprise. Here are 50 wise fortune cookies worth remembering. Seek out the significance of your problem at this time. Try…

lava proof

How To: Steps to take when the lava overflows in your hometown

RUN AWAY FROM THE LAVA If lava was an animal it would be a raging porpoise. The title sums it up from the point of view death has to offer. First the lava will seep in and then it will rear up, kicking ass like we all know lava does. Some people have said things…