political jokes

I’m talking to you Mr. Politics!

Political jokes meet Political Text Memes Lil’ Bit Drunk Non-political Friend: I’m drinking a dogfish indian  Brown ale idk if I can stomach the news right now Sorta Buzzed Political Friend: 150,000 Chinese troops to North Korean border, Carl Vinson moving to the n Korean peninsula, Skirmishes in Syria with Russians…it sounds like a two from ww3…

Bullfighting art

Bullfighting and the Matador

“I’ve been accused of vulgarity. I say that’s bullshit.” ― Mel Brooks What is the world come to when we have to restrict human behavior. Have we not learned the lessons throughout history that controlling behavior has never really panned out. The worst parts of history, wars. Propaganda. Slavery. At one point in time this…

Dark Kermit the Time Waster

We’ve all been there. This one is for those moments that would have us grit our teeth. If you are out there today in a situation like this. Remember Dark Kermit is here for you.

Ass Arm

Ass or titties

Nope. This is not an ass. It is an arm. This folks is not what you think. It is not something that you see everyday but what this is. Is the crease of a male arm. Perhaps you have seen one of these before. If not this will be an educational experience for some. The…

Yummy lava

Lava is pretty cool… Cool enough to drink, though?

Today for the first time ever, I drank lava. This was when things went horribly wrong. At first you see this hot glass of lava and it looks like some type of creamy bloody mary but after a few sips…the truth is real. This is not the type of drink that is as good as…