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political jokes

Political jokes meet Political Text Memes

Lil’ Bit Drunk Non-political Friend: I’m drinking a dogfish indian  Brown ale idk if I can stomach the news right now

Sorta Buzzed Political Friend: 150,000 Chinese troops to North Korean border, Carl Vinson moving to the n Korean peninsula, Skirmishes in Syria with Russians…it sounds like a two from ww3 from the gate

Sorta Buzzed Political Friend: Google that. Feel reality

Lil’ Bit Drunk Non-political Friend: Damn dude my brown ale is ruined

When the political jokes world is way too real at beer o’clock

Sometimes it is way to easy to go over the top with politic jokes. Who really knows what is going on? Half of everyone is more in touch with the Kardashians than political events. However some people react to the news differently when beer is involved.

Take our two friends over here for example. Lil’ Bit Drunk Friend is enjoying a Dogfish Indian Brown Ale (very excellent choice for an afternoon) and Sorta Buzzed Political Friend has finished a Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat Ale rather quickly. Upon hearing the bad news,  Sorta Buzzed Political Friend instantly ruins a nut brown from 150 miles away. Now that is accuracy.

Puke Political Memes All Over the World

Blech. Bleck spet spew. Destroying a brown ale like that from that distance requires a meme with a scope. Sniper memes are going to be the next best thing in memes technology and they are coming to ruin a day like the one we are having today. A sniper meme is a long range accurate meme with a scope that is designed to strike a target at a distance. This high velocity meme cannot be bought. It can only be created with the heart. There is no way to tell that a meme like this is coming in your direction but a good indicator would be logging in to Facebook or other similar sites or having a Sorta Buzzed Political Friend.