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Wank Town Comics

Compiled in this post is a comic. Not just any comic but this one is straight from the armpit of the internet. Please enjoy.

When the internet becomes an unsafe place to be. When the mystic smoke screens and mirrors unfold. When the meteor falls from the sky. This is Wank Town. The comic of doom. There is nothing to see inside these comics just mere illusions.

You cannot escape Wank Town. They are coming to a screen near you. When they do. Be afraid, be afraid of the characters and their meanings. Quiver in the comic goodness. Delight with fright.

Why say all this? Why not just read comics online? No one really knows. Is there a word requirement? Not for disturbing the peaceful comic world. Who is responsible for this comic? The descendants of American immigrants. Fear the migratory patterns. Even geese know a chevron by heart.

Why ask why? Worries will not create themselves young grasshopper. Why worry? You are gonna. Love to do it. Do it to survive.

These comics are bad

If these comics are bad. Then find another website to waste time on. Sure as shit this computer can find something else to do. The digital age does not have a moral compass. We are gladly doing our part to curate the mental diarrhea that has taken over the land.

Plop. Pfff. Plop. That’s the sound of mental decay.


Stand up.

Look around you.

Count to 1600.

If you did any of these things than…you probably can afford to waster yo life around these parts. If you did not do any of these things. Than move along. You are smart. Save what you have.

For all those that continue to read comics online.  



For as soon as you stop the trolls will arrive with a basket full of hair ties. Ready to make a mess of things.

This is a final warning.