Workplace Fire Safety

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Workplace Fire Safety

Klem was not supposed to do this.

Workplace Fire Safety a priority for everyone.

Workplace Fire Safety can not only save lives but it can enhance worker safety. Here are a few steps on how to prevent unique situations related to fire hazards at work.

Some workers these days find themselves in the position to have BBQ’s at work, inside the workplace. This usually happens when the boss is not looking as you can see here. This is live footage of a man named Klem caught in the middle of an act called ‘firing up’. Workers like Klem who often work long hours. Find it difficult to relax when on the work site. As a way to blow off steam, they often start small camp fires. A sign of such an abuse of policy can be evidenced by charred markings on a person or around their station, lighters or matches, marshmallow sticks, conversations about camping, 4 wheeler experience, logs or other types of wood or perhaps the worker in question drives a truck. The most tell-tale of signs.

  1. Inform workers of workplace camp fire policy
  2. Conduct intensive background check
  3. Indiscriminate witch hunts
  4. Crush team morale with petty rules and evaluations

Leaders in the industry call such measures. Necessary. Results are immediate. Recent studies have shown that nearly 100% of the time when the scent of something delicious is in the office but the origin cannot be determined than that means that someone is violating company safety standards with fire grilled foods and should be investigated immediately.

Remember there is no way to know if someone likes a good camp fire. Treat everyone equally. Even amounts of suspicion will do.

The worst case scenario as a manager is to find workers enjoying themselves. Enjoyment is the seeds of dissent and from those seeds rise the apes of conquest. Be wary of workers. Be ready to report suspicious behavior directly to Human Resources. Remember to suspect everyone.