Ass or titties

Mister Writer

Nope. This is not an ass. It is an arm.

Ass Arm

This folks is not what you think. It is not something that you see everyday but what this is. Is the crease of a male arm. Perhaps you have seen one of these before. If not this will be an educational experience for some. The crop tool is one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of photographers. With one crop. Arms can become asses. Easy as that. As offensive as this may seem it is not. This arm is not overly exposed and it is also chillin’ and relaxin’. Simultaneously.

Why with the ass arm? Seems like an unnecessary picture.

It is simply just an arm. Nothing too out of the ordinary. The inspiration for the crop that created ass arm is to keep people on their toes. What is that a tush? No way it’s some dude arm. Gross.

Get your time back out of ass arm by sharing with your friends, cousins, siblings, teachers, parents with this stupid surprise. Look for reactions of delightful disappointment when others see nothing more than a normal scene. Show your grand parents. They love this stuff.

Need a good let down. This arm crease will have you thinking. How? A good place to start in questioning the things we see around us. This is literally one of the worst ideas ever created and for no reason. Posted to the internet for absolutely no suitable purpose. Perhaps because when cropped in a certain way it looks like a butt. So get your digs in. This is genuine. Real lot of not.

This arm, it’s forearm and supporting hand are so plain, so nondescript, that if it was not for the supporting thumbnail this entire article would be worthless. Alas, due to the humor of the edit. A funny was created. So fricken funny. Ha ha.



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  1. Brandie
    02/26/2017 at 10:15 pm

    Good work AM Crew!And now a word from our sponsors:- don’t leave dirty clothes at the gym. We’ll pile them up for a couple of days and then they will get tossed or given to goodwill- there are squirt bottles with cleanser at the gym; if you slime something (blood, sweat, tears), wipe it down- gents; we have a urinal, use it. Leave the toilet for the ladies- we have hot water and a shower!More to come. The new space is coming together. Progress