Bullfighting and the Matador

Mister Writer

Bullfighting art

“I’ve been accused of vulgarity. I say that’s bullshit.”
― Mel Brooks

What is the world come to when we have to restrict human behavior. Have we not learned the lessons throughout history that controlling behavior has never really panned out. The worst parts of history, wars. Propaganda. Slavery. At one point in time this has all happened. It never stopped. From the decimation in the streets, to the poisoning of minds and the enslavement of people of all types of races. The last of these being one of the oldest trades known to man. Why people cannot get out their lizard brains is tough to tell. Controlling human behavior, on the macro and micro level causes a stubborn reaction. However…

Chill lizard brain

Chill out lizard buddy.

Shit. I said it. Actually typed it. It was painless. Halfheartedly stammered the essence of the word. Who cares? Put a warning label on it. It’s loud. The real fissure in human behavior lies in cognitive bias. We all have them. The smarter we are the more likely that a bias is exploitable without us being aware. In fact this is happening everyday. In terms of marketing there are tons of conflicting messages sent everyday.

Memes are the lynch pin of internet media but advertisements were the originals. Images and videos that people interact with have an effect on the unconscious mind. Sometimes leading us to decisions and altering outcomes. Large and small. From elections to school policies these forms of expression are becoming everyday. It is happening at a rate that never before now was even possible. This type of  influence can be rated in terms of affinity. A number that reveals a persons probability of an interaction.

Imagine riding on top of an elephant. In a howdah. This represents the conscious mind. We all know the conscious mind. It’s thoughts and how it rates emotions. The unconscious mind is the elephant. This portion of what makes us function does not communicate with our conscious mind up in the howdah. It reacts to images it sees and alters our feelings in the moment. Thank your elephant for that bad feeling next time you sense something wrong. It is communicating thoughts of survival.

With that said media, memes and advertising messages are influential and not just a part of entertainment.

The content is absolutely influential in ways that are not fully understood. Is the process of viral reactions a “hive mind” theory?