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Medical Marijuana Could be Hillary’s Remedy of Choice

An expert has weighed in giving an opinion on Hillary’s cough during the recent election stating that Hillary’s coughing is most likely due to over use of medical marijuana. He also states that if she chose a less harsh method of consuming her herbal remedies she probably would not be in this predicament in the first place.

Our source asked to remain anonymous, since Hillary feels so insecure of her medicine, that revealing a name may lead to an assassination attempt. Clearly shaken and distraught. The nameless informant goes on to explain that even for a closet member of the medical community she was way less cool than the others.

Hillary could not be reached to confirm the contents of this story.

As in this video, the coughing fit of approximately 3 minutes followed numerous thirsty looking drinks of water. Clear evidence our analysts confirm as possible marijuana use. It was also stated that Hillary loves to eat cookies and pizza. Both a side effect of medical marijuana use.

Bill loves it.

The coughing continues throughout these other two videos followed by shortened, breathy, dry English-ish, sounding speaking parts. For the duration she sounds like a case of laryngitis which is also a possibility. However writers at Lava Flow Entertainment never try to rule in reasonable explanations first. That would not be entertaining. However Hillary would obviously like to know that it is possible to reduce her cough and health experts suggest ingesting her dose through a brownie of her choosing, as one of the healthiest methods of delivery.

Bill smokes blunts. Or at least it seems so. Look at him. Having a blast. If one thing is for certain, those Clinton’s sure no how to do a good time. Buncha party animals.