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Describing Pizza. A Dainty How-to

Allllrighty. First off. Words are awesome, they help us humans communicate. In a short amount of time, space and sound things can be described. When describing a pizza. Stuff some words in that crust…

Pizza is round, smooth and illustrious. It is a harmony of herbs and spices. A beautiful melody of cheese, crust, vegetables and meats brought together in an ovenly fusion. Cooled and cut into 8 precious slices. This meal is the all-in-one. There is nothing that cannot beat pizza. Pizza is a gift to humans and a reminder that once there was no pizza. When there was no pizza sadness spread across the land. These dark times are Me Pizzano more. Now! A pizza golden age is upon us. Over the decades pizza has taken many shapes and sizes. Many a dough have been made. All
kinds sauces tried. There truly is a pizza diversity. So when describing a pizza follow these simple steps. 

Give the pizza a name

A catchy name can be all a pizza needs to get noticed. Don’t try too hard. Remember pepperoni is just a pepperoni. Don’t really try to fancy up
the single items. Multiple item pizzas should be getting hand picked names for most toppings and best combos. There is no such thing as a terrible pizza. However if a pizza was lacking pizzazz than it doesn’t really need a name. Superb pizzas like the “Trip Bacon Stuffed Garlic Crust Mediterranean Chicken” should be shortened to something like the Greek Baconater.

Tell the pizza it is special

“You are a good pizza. A very delicious pizza with avocado.” Telling the pizza it is special seems to help ease the dough into a more relaxed state, producing less wrinkles and blemishes. A happy pizza is a pizza in a stomach. Most pizzas lack the intelligence to know any of this but  modern advancements seem to indicate that the pizza of the future is smart.


Describe it with words

Powerful. Yes. Words. Words are so good. Pizza could not be described without them. How would one do that? No one knows. This mystery will need to be solved by our nation’s top scientists. Who somewhere are probably creating words as we speak. Once these words are in place the pizza will be fully described and the final step can be completed.

Loves it

Final pizza destiny

Yes. Now is the time to sacrifice the pizza to the digestive system. The pizza at this point is fully classified. Congratulations on achieving this milestone. Pizza eating can be difficult so pace the slices out. Also share the pizza with friends. Since this is typically a good thing to do. You can tell that a person is not a friend when they say stuff that might indicate not liking pizza (all humans like pizza this is a basic fact only zombies do not eat pizza which is another fact). That wraps up on how to describe a pizza plus additional pizza theory. Thank you so much for learning not much here.



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