How many times a day is it appropriate to check phone?

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Phone check to those who check phone

Got Minutes

The answer to how many times a day is it appropriate to check phone is…drum roll, please.  A million. This is America. Check phones as much as you want. This is actually encouraged. How else are we going to afford this mammoth economy? 

Check phones now! Said the master to the data slave.

Some groups of naysayers are going around the internet trying to convince people who checking phones is neurotic and crazy. While suggesting that those who enjoy phone checking should go out and get a job. Crazy talk. Don’t put the video games down just yet folks. What do scientists know anyways. To suggest that people should not be passive in real life is as ludicrous as suggesting that in the first place. If people don’t want to move. Let them sit.

Sim cards! Assemble.

Is phone use really something that we should question. Probably not. It would be disrespectful to the digital overlords that rule the world we live in today. Massive consumption of mindless entertainment is really the only thing that anyone has the time to stomach. Plus any real movement to check this generations phone use will be met and challenged by the waves of spin doctors from all over the land. That’s right phone enjoyment naysayers. We want a right to text and drive. Not just in cars but on unicycles which were bought on eBay.

Checking phones could be better.

That is right. Phone power users will do anything to consume social media Brappffand YouTube playlists. Pandora streaming forever. We want unlimited bandwidth and we won’t let anyone tell us how to use it!!!!

This article was sponsored by Phone Checkers Anonymous (PCA). PCA is a phone check rights group that is totally fictitious and non-existent.  The PCA does factitiously support such activities as using a phone and not being scowled upon. The PCA does not hold any responsibility to the views of this short article.