white women looking for black men  salsa dancing

White Women Looking for Black Men that can Groove on the Dance Floor

Is it true that white women looking for black men with moves is a phenomena sweeping the nation. Most girls between the ages of 18 – 65 are dumping their lame ass white guy for a salsa dancing type of relationship. Think dirty dancing Havana nights mixed with speed dating and soft-core drugs. Now a days a man can no longer teach women how to dougie nor dab romance into women’s life. Women in the 21st century are sophisticated.

“I want a guy who can dance and be hip like break-dancers.” Said Susan a stay at home mother of five who lives in a trailer park in Hollywood,  Florida.

Wait a minute. It’s not just white girls. Phew.

Most women will agree that male dancing skills suck. Men who do dance well are rare. This is why when you see a man now clear the dance floor with just his shimmer and shine. You better run boys. A man is here. Don’t be a shy one when it comes to break dancing. Get down on the concrete, scrape that back up and break a leg already.

“Listen up white guys and learn how to dance”. Studies show girl want a guy who can dance but not necessarily go dancing with. “It’s just a good thing he can dance if I need him too. I don’t care what country he’s from or if he’s here legally. It only matters if he accepts me for who I am…and his dancing skills have to be on point. Mmmhmmm.” Comments Roshawnda DeNika Del Rose, 32 year old grandma who has sole guardianship of her kids, kids.

You gotta give a woman what she demands nowadays. If she says dance. Well than mother fucker dance. Get down and make her proud or she will be looking at you funny. Possibly even leave y’anus for someone else. Not to stereotype salsa as the only dance that women like. Recent polls have shown that women across the globe are looking for line dancing in their relationships too. If you haven’t learned the cha cha slide, then we have provided a tutorial below that will help educate the people on the best dancing ever done.