Mt. Marcy – Neitzsche

Mt. Marcy is Jack Follansbee. Jack Follansbee is Mt. Marcy. A pleasurable mix of lo fi music and smooth undertones. Don’t miss out on this smooth music. Perfect for any worlkflow. Also, check out some of the merchandise. naked lunch EP by mt. marcy


Underwater Lava…Is Still Unstoppable.

10,000 feet below the sea lies a volcano. Not just any volcano, one goozing hot lava into the ocean. We all know that water puts out fire but will it lava? The answer is no. How can this be that even the sea cannot stop this extreme phenomena. Researchers are stumped as to what the…

Workplace Fire Safety

Workplace Fire Safety

Workplace Fire Safety a priority for everyone. Workplace Fire Safety can not only save lives but it can enhance worker safety. Here are a few steps on how to prevent unique situations related to fire hazards at work. Some workers these days find themselves in the position to have BBQ’s at work, inside the workplace….

Milky Way Time Lapse

Volcano Observatory

The Dark Island from Nicholas Buer on Vimeo. From a place on the Canary Islands called La Palma. A tropical island with little light pollution. La Palma is the perfect place to capture the Milky Way Galaxy. As Nicholas Buer says: Milky Way as seen from La Palma Observatory Volcanic Observatory is one of the…


Lava Me: The Next Thing I Knew He Ran Out….

Matt was a daredevil but the day he ran out onto the lava over a few beers and a bet. Well that was enough for me to call him the most insane cousin ever. Matt has had impaired judgement and poor insight for most his life. In fact few decisions he ever made were what…

New Music: Tiny Hazard – Greyland release on 2/24

Experimental Sound at Finest Some music is so good it is worth a deeper look. We all know that New York is filled with great musicians and ensembles. Within such a thriving art scene emerges a unique sound and haunting acquiescence of Brooklyn based band Tiny Hazard whose members include Alena Spanger, Anthony Jillions, Derek…

Smooth tunes

Jazzy but not overly technical…

Smooth and mellow jams from brotha P.SUS – soundcloud – Through smooth jazz all things are possible. – Bandcamp –

Yummy lava

Lava is pretty cool… Cool enough to drink, though?

Today for the first time ever, I drank lava. This was when things went horribly wrong. At first you see this hot glass of lava and it looks like some type of creamy bloody mary but after a few sips…the truth is real. This is not the type of drink that is as good as…