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Lava Flow: Some of the best drone footage from all around the world. Film makers gain a brand new perspective for their audience with video drones. Similar to simple remote control versions. These small copters are not what the average hobbyist would call an “rc”. Drones offer more features than “rc aircraft” in the terms of automatic flight and versatility. Check out some of these cool videos and leave a comment.

Professional drones with the best drone videos

Spectacular shots filmed in this one by Epic Drone Video. With $1,000 flying in the air the risk for failure is always present and some drones are by far what many would consider, not cheap. Drones often use back up processors in case of any issues on board the flight controller. Quad drones are used most often because they are even more stable than single blade copters. The added stability helps improve the focus of the video.

The northwest of Canada is a pristine landscape. This drone footage has some of the most diverse shots in it. Showcasing the immense beauty of the Canadian country side this video has a subtle and smooth quality. A top pick for one of the best drone videos on the web. Watch this video for the snowy mountains, waterfalls and mind blowing shots of the milky way alongside Aurora Borealis.

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Quad drones offer new views and excitement

The DJI Phantom 4 is a consumers and prosumers top pick. This video sponsored by DJI shows the robust capability of this video platform. Architecture is showcased with stunning shots of nature in the background. DJI does good in showing what there quad copter can do. DJI is usually rated highly in drone reviews. Above is a reason why.

Drone single blade copters and quad copters have revolutionized how videographers gather surf footage. Watch this awesome video to see why. More Drone Videos

Drones can be just for laughs. Poor guy looks a little burnt. Who would of known this Rhode Island man would be sunbathing on top of this wind turbine. This video could easily be one of the funniest drone videos of 2015.