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A hot beats session in the boiler room with Nightmares On Wax

Hot damn! 1h:25m:50secs of lab-inspired hot beats by Nightmares on Wax. Founded in 1988 by George Evelyn, aka DJ E.A.S.E. The video posted here is him performing a studio session. Watch as Nightmares on Wax jams out from the boiler room in a secret location within Leeds, England. These modified beats are heavily interwoven with soul music fused to 80’s rap and electronic drum beats. A signature style pioneered by the musical outfit since it’s beginnings. Most notably about the bands origins, is that the DJ claimed legitimacy from the early 80’s, by promoting Nightmares on Wax via CB Radio network. This interesting guerrilla marketing method successfully established his reputation with clubs in the Leeds area and popularity within social circles.
hot beats

“We wanted to do tracks that had hip hop beats but experimented with ideas.” – Kevin Harper

In the early 90’s George paused creating albums for Nightmares on Wax  to develop Poverty Records and begin a career as a music producer. After a successful 4 year stint in the music business, Evelyn returned to DJing and began producing his own project albums again. Evelyn’s influence over music was ahead of his time. He fostered the fusion of genres like few other artists have in their careers. For a full discography visit the link to Nightmares on Wax E-Shop.

From roots DJ to live instruments, Nightmares on Wax has made some changes over the years.

Although Nightmares on Wax had humble roots as a single piece band in the 90s. George decided to add live instruments to the band for flexible live performances. This was a first, but allowed for higher quality sound on stage. Hardcore Nightmares On Wax fans need not worry, as of course George kept the soothing electronic drums that fans have come to love and recognize as the tone for his musical success.  George’s career in music was instrumental in establishing the prevalence of Nightmares of Wax in the local music scene. Without it the band would not have been the same nor had as many influences. These opportunities from Evelyn’s music career as a producer was the fuel to propel Nightmares on Wax to the fame and status it has today. Visit the Nightmares On Wax Official Website for more information about this topic and discography.

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