Small Feet – Rivers

SMALL FEET – Rivers [official video] from Oskar Wrango on Vimeo. Directed and edited by: Oskar Wrangö ( DOP: Henning Sandström & Mattias Andersson ( Colorist: Annika Pehrson VFX: Love Fagerstedt Actor/Stunt: Eos Karlsson ( Assistant: Olof Röckner Produced by: Oskar Wrangö Amazing cinematography and stunning performance. Small Feet is a 3 piece band from…

lava proof

How To: Steps to take when the lava overflows in your hometown

RUN AWAY FROM THE LAVA If lava was an animal it would be a raging porpoise. The title sums it up from the point of view death has to offer. First the lava will seep in and then it will rear up, kicking ass like we all know lava does. Some people have said things…

Workplace Fire Safety

Workplace Fire Safety

Workplace Fire Safety a priority for everyone. Workplace Fire Safety can not only save lives but it can enhance worker safety. Here are a few steps on how to prevent unique situations related to fire hazards at work. Some workers these days find themselves in the position to have BBQ’s at work, inside the workplace….