Mt. Marcy – Neitzsche

Mt. Marcy is Jack Follansbee. Jack Follansbee is Mt. Marcy. A pleasurable mix of lo fi music and smooth undertones. Don’t miss out on this smooth music. Perfect for any worlkflow. Also, check out some of the merchandise. naked lunch EP by mt. marcy

New Music: Tiny Hazard – Greyland release on 2/24

Experimental Sound at Finest Some music is so good it is worth a deeper look. We all know that New York is filled with great musicians and ensembles. Within such a thriving art scene emerges a unique sound and haunting acquiescence of Brooklyn based band Tiny Hazard whose members include Alena Spanger, Anthony Jillions, Derek…

Smooth tunes

Jazzy but not overly technical…

Smooth and mellow jams from brotha P.SUS – soundcloud – Through smooth jazz all things are possible. – Bandcamp –

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Seneca B

Seneca B is a beat artist consisting of at least one member named Celin Carlo-Gonzalez. Based out of Boston the beats are heavily influenced by underground hip hop scene with east coast influences.