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Wank Town Comics: Delirious Delights

Wank town is a mature comic book series starring two roommates who are both plagued with indifference and secrets that follow them everyday. Winky’s dad was murdered by a clown named Spineshiver when he was young. He now constantly dreams about his dad’s murder and it haunts him day in, day out. Lee Wee is Winky’s pot-smoking roommate and when gay Darth Vader finds him in the wild Lee Wee suddenly turns into a gay deer. Soon after, Lee Wee and Winky are on a failing cooking show together causing them to enter into a spiraling drug fueled depression. Winky works at the needle factor which he uses half as a front for income and half to get free syringes to shoot heroin. Winky is constantly searching for existence in life. The universe befuddles him but his friends including Lee Wee are making it harder for him to exist. The pretentious stalking by a psychotic killer clown doesn’t help as they are also joined by lamp squeeze who is half human, half soccer ball, Sethsdadbob, Clam bob, Wink Bob the weird alien spider thing, and Shink Bob who is a line.

A mature comic book series


Winky’s car was recently crushed by a tree during a thunderstorm. He hasn’t been the same since.

Winky helped his nephew celebrate his birthday. Please god help us all.

Skate board 420 brahh. Surfs up and were drowning.

Shink bob took over for the day. WHY!!!!

May the power of Crapplefarts fill your day up with hot gas and honey mustard. Farts for your family.

Gay Darth Vader loses the light saber battle against Lee Wee. All the world is devastated with the destruction of the empire.

Never hold a shit fart in. Pressure builds overtime causing the release of potent explosive shits everywhere on the earth. At once.

Saturday nights have been a bit strange lately. throw the corn in the mic and pop a soda.

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Image upload 70%. 100% pleasure


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Channel 5 has a special program running tomorrow. please tune in to reduce depression.

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The mature comic book series is filled with horrible people but to me you are an angel. A precious sweet angel.

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Time is a strange thing. Make sure you spend most of it getting dorkjobs.

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I got to get a few things. Doritos, vaseline, soda.

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The neon electric days are now a thing of the past. And we spit on their graves.

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Always blow on your soup before you put it in your mouth. You will thank me for this one.

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Memories are what form you into what you are today. The sad soul you are.

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Digital media sure has changed throughout the years. We can now embrace it’s chrome smile.

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Breath in and out. Anger is the demented sister of sadness.

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The mature comic book series sets in and we start to realize. We realize it is all a game.